Workshops & Seminars

I am happy to visit your area to give a workshop or seminar. Several of my workshops are listed below. My fees are negotiable – however, if I have to travel a long distance, fees for travel and accommodation must also be negotiated, and there will be a cancellation fee, should you decide not enough people signed up. If I’ve booked with you, that means I’ve turned down an offer somewhere else.

Email me at contactform – at – cerridwenscottage – dot com for more information.

image by astromoonjose0 courtesy of Pixabay CCO

Tarot I: The Basics

A workshop for those with little or no previous tarot experience. Learn the cards one by one, learn basic interpretation, how to formulate questions, how to receive answers. Experiment with meditation spreads and basic reading spreads.

Materials: tarot deck, notebook, pen, positive attitude.

Two sessions, two hours each.


Tarot II: Getting Comfortable

Work with more intricate spreads, read other students in the class, learn tips on dealing with potential problems.

Materials: tarot deck, notebook, pen, positive attitude.

Prerequisite: Basic tarot knowledge or Tarot I.

One session, two hours’ duration.


Tarot III: Multi-Deck Spreads

Learn reading methods using more than one deck. Learn how to formulate your own spreads for specific needs. Experiment with new interpretations.

Materials: at least two tarot decks, notebook, pen, positive attitude.

Prerequisite: Familiarity with tarot and/or Tarots I & II.

One session, three hours’ duration.


Personal Tarot: Crafting Your Path

This class offers tips and techniques to make the reader feel more confident and comfortable with reading the messages in the cards, rather than relying on others’ book interpretations. An interactive, lively class providing a supportive atmosphere in which to explore.

Materials: tarot deck, notebook, pen, positive attitude.

Prerequisite: basic tarot knowledge.

One session, five hours’ duration.


Tarot in Tandem

Use the tarot to clarify and amplify information received using other oracles, and use other oracles to explore tarot questions further. Learn how two different divination tools can work in tandem to provide a broader picture of your chosen topic.

Materials: tarot deck, one other oracle (i.e., runes, ogham sticks, medicine cards, etc.), notebook, pen, positive attitude.

One session, six hours with a break.


image by Parker West, courtesy of Pixaby CCO license

Working With Dragon Energy

Are you someone who always hoped the dragon would prove victorious over the knight in fairy tales? Then this is the class for you! Learn how to connect with dragon energy, work with dragons in meditation, and use dragon energy in your own life.

Materials: Notebook, pen, positive attitude.

One session, two hours’ duration.


image by Candace Hunter courtesy of Pixabay CCO

Spiritual Quilting

Help your desires manifest by working them into a small lap quilt. Even if you’ve never quilted, you can learn tips and techniques for this homemade spiritual process – and have something beautiful to help manifest your wish.

Materials: sewing supplies, cotton material for quilt, batting, charms, etc. These do NOT have to arrive with you for the first session – the first session is a planning session.

Four sessions at two hours’ duration each, OR

three sessions at three hours’ duration each, OR

one full day (in which case, all supplies must be brought to the session).