The tarot is one of the most beautiful and in-depth tools we can use in our daily lives. I look forward to sharing techniques and tips and spreads with you.

I talk about tarot, oracles, and moon cycles on the blog, Kemmryrk.

Here are a few of my views of the tarot:

1. There is nothing hooky spooky or evil about the tarot. The tarot pulls out images from the querent (questioner’s) subconscious. The querent is given information as to what is really going on inside.

2. The tarot is a tool. It is not a decree. It provides information and options. Anything you like in a reading, you can take the action to make happen. Anything you dislike – now you have the information, and you can take appropriate action and open more options. Doing nothing is also a choice. Passivity will cause the repetition of the lesson until you learn it.

3. Working with a tarot reader is like working with an interpreter. The reader translates the information that the querent pulls. If you encounter a reader who insists you are going to die or that you’ve been cursed and it will cause X amount of money and only the reader can prevent this, walk out. That is not an ethical reader. It should be a positive experience. Not necessarily an easy one – the tarot will be honest with you and often tell you what you do not want to hear. But you will receive useful information.