Cerridwen Iris Shea publishes under multiple names across multiple genres. She has a background in theate, film, and television production. She lived in New York City for many years, before moving closer to the sea where she could have a garden. During the second year of the pandemic, she moved to the Berkshires. She went from being an urban witch to being a sea witch to being a mountain witch, and is well on her way to being a bog witch.

She writes the Merry’s Dalliance pirate fantasy adventures, and wrote for Llewellyn Worldwide’s calendars and almanacs for sixteen years, took a break, and resumed writing for them in 2020.  Her work has also appeared in Of Like Mind and Circle magazines.

Visit her blog Kemmyrk for information on tarot, oracles, moon cycles, and days dedicated to specific energies. The blog is on pause for the moment, but hopes to integrate here soon.