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Meditations for Peace & Gaia

Meditation for a Full Moon -- November 2017

For years, I've talked about posting Meditations for Gaia/Meditations for Peace here, a year's worth that people can work on together, or solitary, but in tandem with others.

I thought, why not start now?

Imbolc always made sense as a starting point to me, with these meditations starting at the full moon closest to Imbolc, but somehow, February always got away from me.

So we start with this full moon -- Nov. 4, 2017.

We are living in dark times. Between war mongering, increased hate and violence toward those a particular faction deems "different", and the denial of climate change, Gaia is in dire straits.

Sometimes it seems hopeless and overwhelming to even know where to start.

But one has to start somewhere.

We are not going to go through the basics of relaxation and meditation. There are hundreds of websites and books and courses that can take you through it. Together, we start from the point where you know how to settle yourself comfortably and enter the meditative trance state.

Feel free to read this meditation into a tape recorder and play it back, so you don't have to read it

Full Moon Meditation 2017 -- Meet Gaia's Envoy

Before you is a high stone wall, high enough that you can't see over it. Within the wall is an arched wooden door. Open the door and walk through it.

You are in a secret garden. Right now, it is November. If you are in the Northern Hemisphere, the garden is at rest. The beds have been cleared and are back to bare earth. The shrubs are bare and quiet; leaves drop from the trees as you walk through the paths If you are in the Southern Hemisphere, the garden is just beginning to awaken, with buds and leaves and fresh scents; small shoots are coming up through the soil

You know you will have many opportunities to return to this garden and explore it fully. For now, you follow the path with the slight curve ahead of you. You pass a carved stone fountain, which still flows with water. Is it possible that one of the statues winks at you as you pass?

Follow the path around the fountain and forward. The garden narrows, more trees crowd you. You walk through a small wooded area, and it opens up to a meadow.

A stream flows through the meadow, with a curved wooden bridge over it. As you cross the bridge, you drop any troubles and stresses you carry with you into the water, and they flow away.

On the far side of the bridge, you finish crossing the meadow. You enter another grove of trees. The path is soft with moss and fallen pine needles. They are old, tall, trees. As you listen, you can hear them whisper to you. They contain sacred woods -- oak, holly, blackthorn, ash, hazel, aspen, cherry, more.

You see a small stone bench under an oak tree, set back from a lake. Reeds grow on the edge of the lake. You sit on the bench and wait, listening to the birds, inhaling the scents of leaves and moss and water.

You hear rustling and the reeds part to reveal a figure. It may be male, female, or androgynous. It may be an animal. It may be an elemental. It will take the shape it needs to take in order to communicate effectively with you.

"Hello," you say.

"Hello," it responds. "Are you waiting for me?"

"I am waiting for Gaia's envoy.

The figure smiles. "Then I am in the right place."

"I feel overwhelmed," you admit. "I don't know what to do. It feels like any action I take is too small, too insignificant."

"Every action matters," the figure replies. "Watch."

The figure picks up a stone and tosses it into the water. The stone sends ripples out. "Every action you take creates ripples across the web of connection. Do something positive, no matter how small, and it has an effect."

"Where do I start?" You ask. "I want to do something useful to help heal the planet. To stop the path of destruction we're on. I want to do something positive that harms none, but helps heal."

Listen carefully for the message. The envoy will tell you a small action, or a series of small actions you can take in the coming months. The message will be different for each individual, but it will be active.

"Thank you," you say when you've received the information. Remember, the information will be about healing, not harm. If you feel you are getting information that encourages you to cause harm, simply say, "That is not my path" and ask for a different, positive action

"Until next time," says the envoy, and melts back into the forest.

You leave a small token of thanks at the base of the tree and start walking back through the forest. In an instant, you are back at the bridge. Walk back over the bridge and through the garden.

When you are ready, return through the door, closing it firmly behind you. Count your way back up until you are back in your body.

Take a minute to follow your breath. Ground. Then leave another token of thanks somewhere in your physical space -- either at a personal altar, inside or outside, or in a place that reminds you of the sacred space you visited.

Make sure you ground before re-entering your daily life. This is vitally important.

For the next month, act on the information in a way that causes healing, not harm. If there are days when you can't act, at least meditate on the information, and make plans to act as soon as you can.

See you at the Garden Gate next month!

Older Material Below:

 A Year of Meditation for Positive Change.

Each full moon, sit for a half hour or so and meditate on ways to create positive change, for yourself and beyond yourself.

If you can sit at midnight, in your time zone, you'll feel the positive energy building in waves to cover the planet!

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Full Moon -- March 10, 2009

Peace for the Home

This month's meditation is also simple.  Sit quietly in a place you won't be disturbed for approximately 20 minutes.  No music, no cellphones, no electronics.  Pets are fine.

Fill yourself with the feeling of peace you created in last month's meditation.  Imagine the sensation as tangible energy, in whatever color feels right.

Visualize the energy moving out from your body to every nook and cranny in your home, spreading the sensation from attic to basement and everything in between.  Once the entire home is filled with peaceful energy, extend it to the borders of your property.

Hold the sensation in place, without struggling, as long as possible.

Ground and center.

Note how your home and grounds feel over the coming days -- lighter, happier, plants growing better, etc


Full Moon -- February 9, 2009

Peace -- The Word

Our first meditation together is simple.  Sit quietly, in a place you won't be disturbed for approximately 20 minutes.  No music, no phone, no electronics, etc.  Pets are fine -- I find they enhance meditations rather than obstruct it.

Sit quietly and follow your breath.

Focus on the word "peace".  When your mind wanders off trying to define the word, pull it gently back.  Simply focus on the word "peace" and let the sensation of "peace" fill you, chakra by chakra.

Hold that feeling.

If you drift away from it, circle back around so that you complete the full twenty minutes.

Do this at any point you can during the full moon.  If you choose, do it as close to your own midnight as possible (for instance, beginning 10 minutes before midnight and running 10 minutes past midnight).  My previous experience with world-wide midnight meditations is that waves of energy flow through all day long, and one can feel the momentum build.